About Us

We believe that dance should be open to all. At Hip Dance Skool we also believe that in order to become a great dancer requires regular training of the highest quality.

We don't compromise on quality or training. Our goal is to make every single student into a talented, skilled and competent dancer.

Our Accelerated Dance Format has been tested and perfected over time. It's a shame to see a young dancer and even a bigger shame to see an adult dancer spending their free time practising their dancing for a few years and having nothing to show for it.

You see we don't want to teach you just technique. We want to teach you how to dance NOW. The great dancers of our time learnt how to dance on their own. We distill the philosophies that made this possible and transfer these skills to students so that they too can learn like a natural.

The Albhabet Kids                33rpm

     "In order to progress, we must take ourselves to places that we believe are impossible."