What do you learn at Hip Dance Skool?
Students at our dancing school learn the street dance style called locking or Campbellocking.

What does locking look like?
Visit YouTube type in 'locking' into the search box and find out!

What happens at skool?
Students of our dance school learn a range of skills. For example students learn dance routines, develop rhythm, enhance co-ordination, learn about phrasing, learn how to flavour moves, how to personalize moves, how to freestyle and much more.

How old do you have to be?
Hip Dance Skool is for adults. However children under 16 currently working in the dance industry are welcome to attend also as long as they're aware these are adult's dance classes.

Is this a route into professional dance?
We teach what we do, i.e. locking right up to professional standard. However if you wish to become a professional dancer you should supplement your education here with additional dance classes in other dance styles.

I want to dance in music videos. Help!
Some of the dance moves you'll learn here may look like the ones you'll see in music videos. You should also check out the following website about dancing in music videos How To Become A Dancer In Music Videos Website and get yourself an agent!

Where and when are the school's dance classes?
Locking street dance classes are as follows:

Sundays 1 - 2pm (All Levels)

Address: Dance studio in Central London.
5 mins walk from Covent Garden/ Holborn station (Piccadilly Line).

Exact address will be given to successful applicants only. Email info@hipdanceskool.com if you wish to join the class.

Is there a uniform?
Students are free to wear any clothes they are comfortable in along with a pair of trainers.

Am I too old to begin?
We see this as a limiting belief and don't encourage this type of thinking in any of our students. There are people of all ages succeeding all around you all the time.

                      "Real dancers don't wait until they're totally drunk to dance"